Keep it weird, Sedona

In a week I set off again for the high desert. Sedona, Arizona. Land of womb-like Shaman’s caves, red rocks, quartz seams, prickly pears, sacred skies, waters, earth. Collective of connected souls, healers, land journeyers, singers, magical musicians, dancing spirits, prayers. The place that my taxi driver KG said has a motto: “Keep it weird, Sedona” and where everyone, even the deepest died-in-the-wool skeptic feels the vibe.

Sedona is truly one of the most incredible places I have ever had the pleasure of visiting; and given that I have devoted my existence to travel and exploration over the last three and a half years that’s really saying something. (Rhetorical question alert!:) But why was this the first time I visited the land that has been calling me the loudest for the longest? (Binge-reading Lynn V. Andrews and Carlos Castaneda as a 15 year old, surrounded by crystals, dream catchers, and incense.)

I knew in my bones that I needed more of the special medicine Sedona holds even as I was preparing to leave after just four short nights there earlier this month. In the immediate wake of ‘return’ (to this other temporary place I’m resting in right now), an opportunity presented itself to go back and I watched as my body booked the trip before my mind had a chance to intervene; thank goodness for those clever fingers moving across my keyboard, rooting out the credit card, embracing that feeling of “hell yes”.

It’s owing to the podcast Bliss + Grit that I ever connected with this land in the first place, co-host Vanessa Scotto convened and led the retreat I attended, Brooke Thomas has been facilitating my ability to respond to a “hell yes” when I hear one. My gratitude to these two women can’t be expressed adequately enough; I love the work they are putting out into the world just by being most truly themselves – living examples of the miracles that start to abound normally, ordinarily when you ‘tune in’.

These two North American journeys – the one I’ve made, the one I’m about to make – are connecting me to a land and a people I have long been called to be closer to; heck, when I got married in 2010 the plan was to move to Southern Cali! And how big of a motivation was that to tie the knot? (I don’t know what to call that question, it’s certainly not rhetoric). In the crash and burn of those and subsequent contrived tactics to live my best life, I am only just starting to trust that when you allow it, life lets you drink from the water you need the most when you relax enough just to let it. In homage to my baes’ latest release on Bliss + Grit, “Unseen Worlds” (Oct, 24th, 2017), maybe we can’t f*** up. Maybe we just can’t.


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