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I’m a writer and editor by professional background and mover and shaker by calling. A student of awakening through the body with Aries in my fifth house, I focus on mindful strength training and natural movement alongside restorative approaches, having studied with a variety of schools and practitioners (from Katy Bowman to Venus Lau). I am fascinated by a diversity of approaches to health and wellness, as well as all forms of growing, preparing, and eating delicious food (a confessed cacao addict). I hope that working to support the health of the earth and its creatures is an upcoming step on my journey but I have yet to find a way to do that while keeping a roof over this dreaming head and a meal in front of this ravenous mouth. If you’ve found the secret, give me a call.

My career so far has specialised into corporate communications roles, often within large, complex organisations.

I’m proud to have orchestrated behind-the-scenes-events at London’s Old Vic (at the time involving Kevin Spacey but apparently we don’t talk about him anymore); running the lighting board for shows at the Jersey Opera House in my youth; teaching English as a Foreign Language in both Europe and Asia – with eight months of leading classes high and low in Barcelona as a hardcore initiation; convening Girls Make Waves delegations in Asia (not supposed to speak for itself); and leading Stand Up Paddle tours through the backwaters of Kerala (before I realised that at the age of 36 it was a strange career move).

I’ll do anything that lights my fire but right now I’ll mostly be sinking into presence and contemplating revolutions, within, without, and between (nod to Dr Daniel Siegel).

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At Kudumbigala Monastery, Panama, Sri Lanka Barefoot and boundless: at Kudumbigala Monastery, Panama, Sri Lanka, November, 2015
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