Work with me

I am a Nutritious Movement™ Restorative Exercise Specialist in training, body worker by dedication, and writer & editor by professional background. 

In 2014, after a lengthy and successful career at the Royal Bank of Canada as a manager within the marketing and communications teams, I left the private sector to focus on studying and working with the body.

I work with private clients to enhance health through movement. In addition to offering Restorative Exercise, I am also trained as a Gym Instructor; all approaches to the body have value and it’s fun and useful to build strength and muscle, especially for a woman like myself who has explored the stretchy edges of movement practice a lot in the past.

As an exciting extra, I collaborate with fitness-pro and mum Maggie Stephens to offer mixed-ability Zumba classes, events, and retreats. I’ve been trained as a Zumba instructor but she is a Zumba dancer and instructor extraordinaire with decades of experience as a professional teaching movement classes. Our favourite rhythms include: Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia, Reggaeton, African Beats, and Indian rhythms such as Bhangra, Bollywood, Lavani, and Garba.

When possible, I still accept commissions for copywriting, editing, and proof reading but time for that work is now very limited so preference is given to my current client book. View my full profile on LinkedIn or contact me directly here.

At Kudumbigala Monastery, Panama, Sri Lanka
Barefoot and boundless: at Kudumbigala Monastery, Panama, Sri Lanka, November, 2015