Come As You Are: Grungercise

Welcome to this blog, home to a collection of my personal journals all linked by a common theme: the body.

I am currently gaining my credentials as a movement educator and body-centred enquirer, what I will for now just call being a kind of ‘wayfinder’*; don’t ask me where this journey is going to take me yet. 

My professional background is as a writer & editor, also a teacher & corporate communications professional, but in 2014 I left the private sector to focus on working with the body.

I have studied with Katy Bowman’s school of Nutritious Movement, am currently qualifying as a Gym Instructor, and am a student of the work of many movement mentors, such as Jill Miller’s Yoga Tune Up® , Perry Nickelston’s out-of-the-box approach, Tom Myers’ Anatomy Trains, and many others.

I have learned volumes from a huge diversity of movement practices and am fascinated by multiple approaches to working with the body; Qi Gong, Animal Flow, MovNat; and any practice which does not artificially divide the body from the mind and the spirit.

I collaborate with fitness-pro Maggie Stephens (we were both trained by Naomi di Fabio, creator of VeraFlow) to offer dance and movement classes and coaching. I call what I do ‘Grungercise’. No need to do any special preparation; just Come As You Are.

You’ll notice from this blog that I have been travelling since 2014 (it’s almost 2018 as I type this). During my 13 months in Sri Lanka, I started to surf. I also love the mountains and the desert. “Which wayfinder doesn’t?” I hear you ask.

When possible, I accept commissions for copywriting, editing, and proof reading. View my full profile on LinkedIn or contact me directly here.

Thanks for visiting me on this adventure,

Debbie Krupski

*’wayfinder’ is used with a bow to Martha Beck.