Come As You Are: Grungercise

Welcome to this blog, home to a collection of my personal journals all linked by a common theme: the body.

I am currently gaining my credentials as a movement educator and body-centred enquirer, what I will for now just call being a kind of ‘wayfinder’*; don’t ask me where this journey is going to take me yet. 

My professional background is as a writer & editor, also a teacher & corporate communications professional, but in 2014 I left the private sector to focus on working with the body, in all its guises.

I have studied very traditional training methods, worked most recently with Katy Bowman’s school of Nutritious Movement, and am a student of the work of many movement mentors, including Jill Miller’s Yoga Tune Up® , Perry Nickelston’s out-of-the-box remedial resets, Tom Myers’ Anatomy Trains, Erwin Le Corre’s MovNat, Cameron Shayne’s Budokon, and many more including, most recently, approaches to the energy body.

I have learned from a huge diversity of movement practices and am fascinated by any practice which does not artificially divide the body from the mind, the emotions, and the spirit.

I collaborate with fitness-pro Maggie Stephens (we were both trained by Naomi di Fabio, creator of VeraFlow) to offer dance and movement classes and coaching. In this context I ‘Grungercise’: no need to do any special preparation; just Come As You Are. (Yes, I’m a child of the 90s and I don’t take myself or anything else too seriously.)

You’ll notice from this blog that I have been travelling since 2014 (it’s almost 2018 as I type this). During the 13 months I spent in Sri Lanka during this time, I started to surf and love movement practices that help athletes in the waves (OK, what movement practice doesn’t? Jogging on concrete, probably, but who has that ever helped?). I also love hiking in the mountains and roaming in the desert. “What self-respecting wayfinder wouldn’t?” I hear you ask.

When possible, I accept commissions for copywriting, editing, and project management but preference is given to my current client book. View my full profile on LinkedIn or contact me directly here.

Thanks for visiting me on this adventure,

Debbie Krupski

*’wayfinder’ is used with a bow to Martha Beck.