The vibe, the style, and the spice of the Bay…

There’s nowhere, anywhere quite like Hideaway.

Arugam Bay is a very special place in its own right as the well-informed surfer, jungle lover, and explorer may already know; to have such an oasis of elegance, ease, tranquility, quality, calm, and excellence to stay within as part of the experience makes your time in Arugam Bay simply exquisite.

I first found Hideaway in 2014, enticed inside by the vibes of the Hideaway Blue coffee emporium at the front – from the finest Thambili drip coffee to the perfectly poured flat white, long black, or espresso, this is the only day-time chill out space you’ll want from May to October. Venturing inside to visit the bar one evening, I uncovered a jungle garden oasis of calm, smiles, manners, and (except for the packed-out jazz nights in high season) quiet.

Since that first encounter I have been lucky enough to stay at Hideaway twice, both times at the end of the so-called “off-season”.

…for me there is no real off-season in Arugam Bay; there’s the very busy time with waves for days, tonnes of tourists, parties, and bustle and then there’s down-time in the Bay which starts rainy and is followed by a mix of sun and clouds and finally resolves into bright, fresh days, a glassy ocean, lush green paddies, gentle Ganeshas treading the roads between the bay and Panama, and quiet, empty, star-filled nights.

A sumptuous repose from the wilds of Sri Lanka’s East Coast; you can retire to the haven of Hideaway and rest up amongst the trees, the shade, and the soft breezes, or you can plunge into the pool, or roll out a yoga mat in the extensive yoga shala.

Hideaway’s yoga offering is impressive. It’s the only shala in Sri Lanka I know (to date: March 2019) offering Airo Yoga, also the only one in the Bay with a class focusing specifically on yoga for surfers, and a schedule that also offers Yin, Vinyasa, and power flows, taught by a range of experienced teachers.

Oh! And I haven’t even mentioned the food yet. Hideaway has created a menu to rival any, anywhere using only the finest, freshest ingredients, truly putting the remote East Coast of Sri Lanka on the foodie travel map. Their Asian prawn risotto is a lighter version of a traditional risotto which pairs coconut milk with Asian herbs of lemongrass, lime leaves, and others I couldn’t identify; the dishes combine the best of the east and the west and are beyond both! The ingredients are sourced from the most mindful, responsible growers. The foods are living and vibrant. I’m celiac as well as dairy-free and Hideaway caters for that perfectly.

I get the best rest, the finest dining, the coolest vibes, and the most generous company nestled in the Hideaway haven whilst having access to the remote, wild East.

(I also want to create a whole new wardrobe from their room dressings but as I am no Julie Andrews, I’ll be honest and visit their Hideaway Savvy store instead!)

What more should I say? Just book!

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2 thoughts on “The vibe, the style, and the spice of the Bay…

  1. Neat! Sounds like paradise found!

    M x


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