Coconuts and butterflies

I woke up this morning thinking, again, about how much I miss my coconut oil pulling which I have been doing since the 27th April, 2014 because of this bad ass chick*. 

Odd thoughts on waking, huh?

In Jersey I needed the job at the private bank to afford the stuff, in Sri Lanka, less so, but it still takes a trip to Colombo and Seva Lanka’s Good Market shop to find the good stuff at an affordable price…

…in Mwanza, Tanzania, despite the abundance of coconuts (although they are really different here to those in Asia), you can’t get cold pressed raw coconut oil for love nor money.

I’ve found a lurverly TRUCK of coconuts! #ABay, Sri Lanka

Never mind, at least you can get first class butterfly stroke training. 

On Tuesday, a small observation from my coach, the Mighty Atom (as she is otherwise known) made all the difference and now I can fly through the water – it’s all about remaining flat and high – WHAT a difference:

The Mighty Atom captured me on film warming up – so much easier now and I wasn’t even pushing myself. Hello BUTTERFLY STROKE!

*For more Rawsomerebeliciousness see her Instagram, Facebook, and soon-to-come website.

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