Amelia and Sally

Maverick women. Equity. (apologies to @corischumacher)

Some people restore your faith in life. Some people restore your faith in yourself.

These people are you, Sally and Amelia, and the crew you pulled together for what was one of the most magical events I have ever been a part of, herein referred to as…


The wedding to restore faith in all weddings. The union to restore faith in love, in the possibility of pure, generous, open, supportive, connected, magical partnerships outside of convention, way outside of patriarchy, beyond our wildest dreams.

(Really, Sal, I meant what I said; I really didn’t ever expect something so transformative to happen.)

A union which pulls out the best in both parties, which mends the holes left by the past.

Mends those holes for us all.

I left ‘the wedding’ with the feeling that I had fallen in love again. In love with love, in love with friends, in love with abundant feasts in magical locations spiced with Serbian-style pickles, candelabras, daleks, hodge-podge chinaware and gallons of champagne. In love with serendipitous meetings between super souls who you just know you were meant to know all along – Marie, Marley, Darren, Sam – those I managed to speak to a little this time, the other friends, family, and guardians who I will meet the next times… in love with seeing friends again who feel like family – Renie, Lucy, Anita, Antra, Rob. I love you all. Warmth, fun, laughter under a full moon in a large house in a forest of autumnal leaves and stars. Don’t start me on the stars.

Gatherings of this kind are a special kind of magic. An alchemy of souls.

To quote one of our two brides, “without connection to other people, it means nothing.”

And we felt what you wanted us to feel: you spelt out how special we are to you on the ‘Until Death Do Us Party’ wall of appreciation. So. Well. Pitched.

Thank you again for such an incredible weekend in stunning Llangollen and for THE WEDDING of all time. We love you!


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