Liberation does not come with a straight fin, it happens when you set yourself free

Some people are the voice of the tipping point. For me, this is Katy Bowman all over. In a recent podcast about her latest book, Movement Matters (printed by Propriometrics Press, 30th November, 2016) she described how in the process of writing it and reviewing her manuscript as she was writing, it was like she was reading the ideas she was expressing for the very first time: a beautiful description of that moment when an idea is ready – only just ready to be said – and has found the perfect time, place, and person to say it (playing on the notions expressed so well by Elizabeth Gilbert in her book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear.)

This, of course, is downplaying the role of the person able to articulate those new ideas to a ridiculous extent. It goes without saying that the person in question has had to have been able to take a unique and never-before-seen perspective on the ordinary. They then make extraordinary observations about the ordinary, from their unique perspective. Then – and this for me is the test of the ‘readiness’ of the new ideas, the very nature of being the voice of the tipping point – they have to make those extraordinary observations seem obvious. I will have lost you there.

I’m sorry about that.

For me this is typified in the work of Katy Bowman who I will never have written about enough. So just go and check out her world of thought now. Here.

And what started this all off today was the joy I felt in seeing a creative response to one of her most important manuscripts: Move Your DNA. When work of this importance inspires such beauty and generosity of response, you know that something in this world is going so very, very right.

When beautiful work begets beautiful work
When beautiful work begets beautiful work
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