Monkey bars for oxygen

It’s not about having buff shoulders, it’s about oxygen

“The ability to hold one’s own body weight from one’s arms has a direct impact on how much oxygen the body takes in and how much the lungs inflate with each breath.”

Katy Bowman, blog post from May 12, 2011, ‘ABCs, BABY VERSION’


I’ve always wanted buff shoulders. I’ve only just started thinking about how much oxygen I can take in at any one time. Isn’t that crazy? 


Hanging from the at-home adventure playground (ouch! how my raw hands


No-breath butterfly! (It’s actually the best way to keep my body flat in the water.)

But maybe as well as being able to survive deep, long wipeouts and miles of butterfly I will also look like Sarah Connor in Terminator II.

Altogether more glamorous than my at-home adventure playground: magical tree sea place by Kigamboni beach in Dar Es Salaam where we were lucky enough to visit last weekend

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