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With a week to go before I fly back to Sri Lanka to head to the waves and my East coast village I hear from Sri Lanka yesterday and today in the form of a promo for a film to be released by the Dutch organisation, Surfers for Surfers, about their donation of 42 boards to friends of mine in Arugam Bay… 

…and this morning from Gemma Curtis who is about to leave Sri Lanka today after a short visit – a friend from the University of Leeds and then from F*** It Therapy in Urbino in April 2014 – another important turning point…

A total lack of photos from Urbino but I visited Sacre Coeur on the way back for an Easter ceremony and consolidated my resolve to live my life as I chose, rather than caught up in a momentum that I can only describe as coming from too many uninvited directions

It’s odd how the future echoes into its past, which is my present, which is fortunately the day AFTER I have minor surgery…

…just a man with a needle and a knife cutting holes in my back and in my right eye. It means I get to wear a patch and improvise around core work because anything other than gently lying on the stitches in my back is a no go for a few days…

And today, after some gentle mat work of the old-school Tracy-Anderson-Method-inspired style, my exercise inspiration is coming again from the wonderful Michelle Drielsma of Sydney Strength and Conditioning and these are my two go-to moves of the day:

Advanced anti-rotation core strengthening – basically a lovely attitude bend to the knee of the leg rotating up and around the body while the outstretched leg balances on a ball (really tough; I can only do half a dozen at a time.

Semi-handstand push-up in triangle position – I’ve been working on my handstand in the pool which is about all I can manage right now but this is a lovely move incorporating fantastic fluidity into strength training. 

My adaptation is to position the hands so that the thumb and middle finger make a right angle and the elbow pit faces forward with the work focusing into the triceps and rhomboids.

The theme for the next week in Africa will be putting together good stuff that works from my old school body conditioning world with intelligently engineered alignment wisdom from the best of the biomechanics (think #katysays).

…and keeping cool. Africa is HOT. Joto sawa. Matatosi.

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