“Redefine what you think is possible.”

(Yesterday’s Danielle LaPorte #Truthbomb 758)

…or, perhaps, go back to an earlier definition…

On this magical, auspicious Friday featuring a total eclipse, a new moon, and the vernal equinox for the northern hemisphere – a time that’s apparently great for listening and for choosing your nourishment with care (I’m taking that on as many levels as can be imagined) I am so excited to notice how at the moment I keep finding so many things, people, thoughts, places, and possibilities that pull me towards my bliss and make me feel more alive than ever.

There are many tribes out there for each of us, we just need to tune in…

Richard Louv – the thinker who coined the term ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’. I was introduced to his work through a friend met last Easter in Urbino, Italy on the F*** It Course and it hasn’t really sunk in until now how much of this philosophy I’ve been following in the close-to-nature, barefoot life I’ve been choosing in Sri Lanka.

Mick Dodge – what a revelation! The ‘Barefoot Sensei’.

His Earthgym – elemental magic. There’s the only gym you’ll ever need – right there: “sticks and stones will heal my bones” climb the trees, scramble over the rocks – feel alive. YES!

Women surfing on their heads – I’ve only witnessed guys doing this up until now and I’m not stopping until I can ride a board on my skull!

Here is my friend Aatha surfing on his head at Elephant Rock, Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka, after one of our surf lessons in August 2014:


My friend Julia’s art – we just marked two years since Julia Hugo, originally of Utah from a German family, an alumni of Brigham Young University, Utah, mounted her most recent exhibition in Jersey, ‘Reflections‘.

One of the paintings that literally flew off the wall and one of my favourites
(c) Julia Hugo, 2013

Easter – a time I always associate with deep creativity. 

Missing my painted eggs from Julia, Nanna, Babcia… may have to get creating!

Julia painted this during the deep snow Jersey two winters ago
(c) Julia Hugo, 2013

Fall – a time I always associate with deep creativity.

A tree, in fall, near Julia’s house in St Peter’s, Jersey
(c) Julia Hugo, 2012

Both of these seasons make me think of me Julie (Jules, Julia, Julia Dream. Name that artist!)

And this time, in time for Easter, she’s having a third child who will be the lucky sibling of brothers Samuel and Noah, my main men. Oh, I miss you guys!

Qi Gong, or Qigong, and getting all my movement on out of doors – another Easter last year discovery

How I fell blind to so much of this before, in the ofisi (as they say here in Tanzania for ‘office’, when they aren’t calling it the Kazi – te he!) dark ages, manipulation stages.


Mexican food

Mexican blankets and Cat and sky high Glasto

So much raw energy I couldn’t stand still

Bright mornings and so much potential

How it’s all still out there

In here

In nature

The drawings I did after walking in the mountains

How I need their air (the mountains that is)

And to make maca balls

And pasta

And earn enough to go to the places that keep me thriving and get the good stuff on

And how I can

We all can choose this

It is our chance to thrive

Hello Spring!


Fierce Friday update:

Really glad these were my thoughts and feelings at the time of the eclipse because apparently we conjure at these junctions. I’m more than happy to conjure all and more of the above. 

Also, I was thinking strongly of the energy and inspiration I had around the drop zone time – this was my 18 / 19 – around 18 years ago. This is the time arc of the eclipse cycle, from what I read

Don’t know why this all is but I’m very happy to vibe with fierce Friday magic. 

Dream on!

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